Active SMART

Active SMART 2.7

Hard Drive Protector

ActiveSMART is a powerful software program to keep track of what is happening on your hard drive in real-time. It helps you monitor what is going on on your hard drive and predict probable failures.

It includes five diagnostics for your hard drive. ActiveSMART uses SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) to monitor the status of your hard drive and prevent any disk errors from happening.

Aside from monitoring the health status of your hard drive, it also monitors the temperature, performance and detects activities that can cause a problem.

Also, you can find out which file or program is eating up large disk spaces. ActiveSMART prevents any future damages to your hard drive due to its close monitoring and tracking to keep your hard drive away from any threats or dangers.

ActiveSMART provides detailed status reports, scans bad and unstable sectors in your hard drive, gives users an alert for any threat that can damage your hard drive and more.

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